You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out: 20 Best Pieces of Advice

shoot your eye

Do you want to be successful and happy? Then listen to those who have gone before you. Grab those nuggets of wisdom that others have collected through their years of living, making mistakes, and learning lessons along the way.

Ask this question to the business owner, the couple who has been married fifty years, the parent of a high school graduate, the college professor, your favorite author or artist, your parents –

Of all the advice you have received in your life, what is the best?


Here’s 20 of my favorites:

  1. Don’t correct others when it matters little.
  2. Focus on building strengths, not developing weaknesses.
  3. Don’t ask for feedback if you aren’t going to listen to it.
  4. You can do anything you set your mind to do.
  5. Listen more than you speak.
  6. Take time to get to know others.
  7. Your actions speak louder than words.
  8. Networking is about giving to others.
  9. Don’t care more about someone’s problem than they do.
  10. Pride comes before a fall.
  11. All glory is fleeting.
  12. Multi-tasking is nothing more than doing several things at once badly.  Focus on one thing at a time.
  13. Measure twice, cut once.
  14. You’ll shoot your eye out.
  15. Marry for love, not money.
  16. If you learn from your mistakes, they are not mistakes.
  17. It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.
  18. This too shall pass.
  19. When in doubt, don’t.
  20. Before you press send, be sure.

 How about you?  What is the best ever advice you have received? How has it helped you?  Want more? Read 101 bits from the world’s famous people.