Why You Should Say Yes to Immunizations

 By getting your immunizations you have protected not just yourself, but also the vulnerable members of the population.  If 84% of your community gets vaccinated against a specific contagious disease, then the odds of protecting the unvaccinated or immunocompromised, especially the elderly and young children, are favorable. This is herd immunity.

Why is it called herd immunity?  Think of it as safety in numbers, or a hedge of protection.  Surround yourself with armed mercenaries or a wall of people, and it will be pretty hard for an enemy to attack you.

Here’s a visual demonstration on how it works:

I am an advocate for immunizations.  I’ve kept my family up to date on their vaccinations, and I will always encourage my patients to get theirs.  Those who don’t get their shots have us to thank for keeping a host of diseases  like measles, small pox, polio, and mumps at bay.
On the fence about vaccinations? Take a look at the
10 worse epidemics in history.
We can protect ourselves against future communicable medical disasters through immunizations.
Me? Thankful for the advances in medicine, and proud to be a member of the herd.
herd member
Current vaccination schedules for adults and children here: