Why you should read your Medical Record

Did you know you have easy access to your medical records? And if you find a mistake you can request it to be corrected, or if you disagree with something your provider noted, you also have a right to write your own note stating that.

We use OpenNotes at the institution I work. As long as you have an account to activate access to your chart, you will not only see your lab and test results, but also the visit notes your provider writes in your chart.

Research shows that most people remember less than half of what they discuss with their medical professionals during a visit. To make sure you don’t miss important information, open notes give you the opportunity to review the details of your visit at any time.

Health Information Privacy rules of protection has been around since 1996.  Along with the right to view your chart, you have the right to:


I hope you want to read your notes. It is your record, and there should be no secrets or judgements. Your provider is your health care partner, and your relationship should be one that is based on mutual respect and trust. 

If you don’t have that kind of rapport with your medical provider, let them know how you feel. If you can’t reach a mutual understanding on expectations for both of you, it might be time for you to seriously look inward (am I doing all I can/should do to maintain good health), or outward (is my provider doing all they can to help me reach and maintain my best health). 

Open notes is the perfect place for you to both review your instructions and health care plan, and reflect on the patient/provider encounter.