What’s Better for Your Heart: Your Weight or Exercise?


One reason I don’t like going to the doctor is I have to get weighed. The doctor’s scale is always off, consistently making me ten pounds heavier than I I weighed at home.  The last few appointments I refused to get on the scale.

“You got my weight last time I was in, use that.”

The nurse didn’t approve of my refusal. She glared at me over her reading glasses and looked up my last weight.  Ha! Take that.

And then, glory be! My wonderful doctor came in the room and told me I shouldn’t be so obsessed about my weight. He said,

When it comes to keeping your heart healthy, it’s not what you weigh that is as important as how much you exercise.

I could work with that.

P1070275Exercise does many good things for your heart, like build up HDL. The higher the HDL the better chance you have of averting heart disease. Besides, if you’re exercising you are managing your weight. Ideally: strive for 40 minutes or more a day, 5-7 days a week. I know, it seems like a lot, but you can break it up.

Two 20-minute sessions.  Mix it up.

Walk, bike, hike.


Try wearing a step counter to see how much you walk around at work, to the car, up the stairs.


That does not give you a free pass to eat whatever you want, you still have to expend more calories than you intake.

Exercise.  Your heart will love you for it. P1110551