What Do You Take for Granted? Here’s My List


There are so many things I take for granted – my comfy home, my favorite pillow, the smell of fresh roasted coffee. My family.

Though I should, I hardly give the ability to remember, to dream, to speak, a second thought. I’ve known people who can’t do those things. I had an aunt who lost her speech, and one who functioned at a toddler’s level after a catastrophic car accident. If they had any dreams, it was the ones that came while they slept. They did not have ambitions or aspirations, or hopes for a better life.  Their lives were structured around soap operas, game shows, meals, and cigarettes.

I’ve driven through ramshackle neighborhoods, glancing back to see if my doors were locked. I’d make sure to take another route next time. What I should do is whisper a prayer of thanks for what I have and follow it with a prayer for those who live there.  Shame on me.

I’ve never known poverty.  Want for food? Never.  I live less than a mile from Wegmans.  I am educated.  I can read. And write.  I vote.  I am free.  I am loved.


Whether it is Memorial Day, Christmas, or National Hoagie Day, may I wake up with a thankful heart and say goodnight grateful for another day.  Even when I am in a bad patch, let me no more take what I have for granted.



What about you? What do you take for granted?