The Fifth Element and The Cure for The Common Cold

are five elements:







Louis Diat




Garlic has a history.

The buff Egyptian pyramid builders were fueled by it, and 18th-century frenchmen added it to wine to prevent plague infection.

Docs gave it to World Wars I/II soldiers to prevent gangrene. Marco Polo documented its use for food preservation. Hippocrates prescribed it to treat lung disease and cervical cancer.

Garlic has amazing properties – anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antifungal, lnhibits placque formation, lowers blood pressure, helps digestion, regulates cholesterol and blood sugar, stimulates the immune system, increases metabolism, and may help improve erectile dysfunction.


It’s easy to grow and great for keeping away garden pests like deer and vampires.

I know, it’s the smell that concerns you – me too.  But unless you bathe in it (some do), or dab it behind your ears as a pheromone to attract old italian guys, then it shouldn’t cause a problem.







All garlic is good, but fresh is best. I can testify it works better than anything I have tried for cold prevention.  As soon as I get that sore throat feeling I run for garlic. I pop a clove, chew and swallow.  Yeah, it burns and even the dog won’t kiss me but it sure beats dealing with a cold. Long live allium sativum!

Head’s up: Garlic has blood-thinning properties. if you are on meds or have upcoming surgery consult your PCP before adding it to your diet.

Check this site out for an ode to garlic and a must have recipe.

And all garlic lovers need this: a good Garlic Press.