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New York: The World’s Best Food and a Surprise

My family and I just got back from a four day getaway in NYC.  We had a phenomenal time, saw Spiderman on broadway, and got soaked from the relentless rain downpour from tropical storm Andrea.  I’ll be blogging about our highlights, which were many. I love Manhattan, the natives were some of the friendliest folks I have met yet.  I may not be from the big city, but New York has always been my home.  Born in Central, live in Western, and can’t wait to get back to the heart of the big apple!

First stop: Mozzarelli’s – my hubby who has celiac disease was lucky to get the last two slices of G/F pizza.  His review: tasted good, crust nothing special.










Next meal: Otarian – A haven for vegans and vegetarians and even carnivores will be satisfied with the flavorful and creative wraps and sandwiches.  Big hit with the whole family, and of course, gluten-free items abound.












Now, for the surprise:  Korean BBQ. Yikes! Octopus tasted like cold, bland, chicken…blaah for me.  Rest of the food: thumbs up.  You can see my son’s face reacting to the octopus.



This the food that makes my gang happy:


The pizza at this restaurant was super, hubby got a delightful salad, and they forgot to put the pepperoni on our pie so they took it off our bill.  We love you Bella Vita!


A trip to NYC  is not complete without a stop on Bleeker Street. Here we are at the award winning Risotteria’s.  What?! Gluten-Free breadsticks, happiness!



Ok, so we just finish late lunch at the risotto bar, and thirty minutes later we see John’s. Best pizza in NYC? We had to find out. John’s is a frequent stop for the locals and celebrities.  I wonder if Johnny Depp sat at our booth?

john's pizza

family eating

We love you too John’s and your pizza gets the Davis Pizza Guru’s (Garrison) stamp of approval!


And for the finale, Rocco’s for fine pastries, hand filled cannoli’s, and gluten free cookies.

roccos roccorest

Couldn’t leave without bringing home some coffee and sweets.

I love New York.

coffee NYC cupcakes


By Kathy

I am a Nurse Practitioner from Rochester, NY presently working in both the inpatient and outpatient hospital psychiatric settings.