My Weekly Insight From The Halls of Methadone

Life is as unpredictable as the weather and as jumbled as the landscape.
You have traveled through valleys, mountains, lush fields, barren, dusty deserts, muddy swamps, and have seen hurricane winds, gloomy fog, sandstorms, and calm, temperate days. You’ve experienced the extremes of mother nature and the changing terrains in life, moving through them either with tenacity and the adaptability to enjoy the breaks in the weather, or you remain hidden in the damp, moldy corners of the dismal places even when the climate has settled.
The air is fresh and clean, skies bright and cloudless –  yet your eyesight is blurred and your vision is scarred by the imprinting of the horrible storm you have just barely survived.  Your flesh now accustomed to being terribly cold or unbearably burned that you can’t adjust to the even temperature.
Soon another gust hits, but you’ve still not recovered from the last and remain buried under an avalanche of snow. You wonder how you will ever dig free when you can muster only the strength to gasp shallow breaths through a small hole.
Ah, the sun will melt the snow, and you will feel the warmth and thaw.
Open your eyes! The storm has passed.  
You are not a block of ice, you can wiggle your toes and feel your feet. Peel off the layers of wool and down and expose your skin to the warm air. The weather has changed, you have survived the storm.
Enjoy the respite.
Don’t dwell a second more on what you have endured.
Doesn’t the quiet sound beautiful?
Don’t be afraid.
Life is unpredictable, and there is no way of knowing when the next storm will come.
But, next time it won’t be as bad. When you see the fast moving clouds, the increasing ocean swells, and the daylight casting an eerie glow, you’ll know what to do.
You’re a survivor and can weather anything.
Look how far you’ve come, you are still breathing, even if it be but through a small hole, it is still a breath, and where there is breath there is life.
where there is life there is hope.

Hey-thanks for reading. I’m Kathy, wife to Gary, and mom to three teenage sons. I’ve been a family nurse practitioner since 1991 and currently practice in addiction medicine. I also negotiate clinical placements for APN grad students. We’re home schoolers with a dash of un-schooling. My most memorable celebrity patient: the Munchkin Coroner from the Wizard of Oz.