Dogs in the Hood

I love to take pictures of dogs.  It helps that I have I friendly Labradoodle named Frodo to introduce me to the dogs in the neighborhood as well as others at the dog park.

Frodo and Buddy
Frodo and Buddy

Izzy is never without her tennis ball. 

At the dog park
At the dog park. This guy liked to hide under benches.
Paquita. My son is holding this tiny puppy. Precious.
My son met this cutie in the Dominican.
DR dog
Another dog from the Dominican Republic.
Ella is a yorkie poo. I think Ella and Frodo are married.
Street Performer
Street Performer. We see him regularly at the dog park, ball in tow.
Big Sammy
Frodo’s brother and best friend Sam.





Sam: a watchdog.  He runs down the driveway when we walk by and gives us a good scare, but he stays on his turf.
Kirk and Spock
Kirk and Spock. I saw these two waiting for their owner to return. I couldn’t resist.

I have met some great dogs and made new friends (human and canine) because of my loveable Frodo.  If you are looking to meet people and could use a best friend,  I guarantee a sweet dog will not disappoint…

Amber a sweet girl, watch out though if you are eating: she will stare you down for a taste.


Murphy.  Frodo's first friend.  When Frodo wanders off he is always at Murphy's house.  Vice versa.
Murphy. Frodo’s first friend. When Frodo wanders off he is always at Murphy’s house. Vice versa.


Ruby.  Shy, busy.  Love that tooth.
Buddy is warming up to us humans.  He was skittish when first meeting Frodo.  Now they are buddies.