Beat the Winter Blues with These 10 Proven Ways

Frigid temps, overcast skies with no hint of sun for days in a row can make even the hardiest person feel gloomy.  Don’t become a victim of the winter blues! I have already field tested these 10 interventions and stand behind my word: try one, or kick it up a notch and do them all! You’ll be surprised at how quickly your mood will brighten. 

#Exercise: bundle up and take a walk. The hardest part is finding the oomph to get outside, but once you’re out it’s quite pleasant. 


#Let there be light, and lots of it.  Turn up the lamps, and splurge on a Light Box. I’ve got mine on as I type. It’s called “Happy Light”. And yes, it makes me happy.

happy me

#Have a tropical theme party.  Guests come dressed in loud hawaiian shirts.  Do the limbo, play some calypso, and have a white elephant gift exchange.


#Spruce up a dingy room.  Add some new color and a few funky pieces of furniture to liven the area.  Go to second hand shops for good deals.





#Change your diet.  Add as many super-foods as your wallet allows for a natural body boost.





#Host a book discussion group.  Why not turn it into a pot-luck dinner? Try immersing yourself in the book through role playing. Stay in character through the dinner.  We did this with the Crucible. Kept it clean- nobody got hung for being a witch.

#Embrace the winter.  Take the kids (or borrow the neighbor’s) and go sledding or skiing.  Bring the camera.  Hot cocoa, s’mores and a roaring fire once you are home.


#Vacation. Overnite at a B&B, ski resort, or if you can afford it, go where the weather is hot and escape for a week. Sign up for price alerts on Kayak, you just might find a deal that can’t be beat.


#Write.  An e-book, a novel, poetry, music.  The world needs to hear what you have to say.

#Square Dance wif callers. Went t’one be4 an’ ah had so much fun, as enny fool kin plainly see.  Ev’ryone fum th’ old folks t’th’ li’l kids had a whoopin’ an’ hollerin’ time of fun an’ fellership wif friends, kin’t wait t’do it agin. fine fo’ th’ heart an’ is sho’nuff sumpin yo’ will nevah fo’git. YEEHAW!

Author’s note: I originally posted this list on January 24, 2013. I freshened it up with some new pics.  For me, winter in Western NY gets the toughest in mid February.  2015 shall go down in my weather memory banks as the most cruel, bone-chilling, treacherously gnarlsome and poorly plowed roads I have endured.  But remember this: we are all in this together and regular exposure to mild cold may provide a healthy and sustainable alternative strategy for increasing energy expenditure. That means more chocolate.

6 thoughts on “Beat the Winter Blues with These 10 Proven Ways

  1. What a lively, helpful post. You are a seriously solid writer. Loved the Square Dance wif callers. ( I live in Blue Grass country in North Carolina:) “fine fo’ th’ heart an’ is sho’nuff sumpin yo’ will nevah fo’git. YEEHAW!” Kudos!!!

  2. Thank you Yoga Nurse! I appreciate your feedback. You would have fit right in at the square dance, it being in your blood and all…I think my dancing would have made you proud..or at the very least would have given you a good belly laugh!

  3. These are great ideas. Running through the winter is my fix. Even the coldest day can hold beauty as I make my way along the hilly roads of Pittsford/Henrietta .

    I really like some of your other ideas. I wish you would host a book club because you would choose interesting books (not like lame ones I have joined in the past). I would come. 🙂

    1. Well then I just might have to host a book club! At the very least, we could read a short story and discuss over coffee? 🙂

  4. Have you read CS Lewis’ “The Great Divorce”? It is not a long book but it is thought provoking and , of course, beautifully written. That would make a good first book. Me thinks a book club for serious readers might be birthed 🙂

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