4 Ways to be Nice and the Power of Smiles: This Will Change Your Day

P1050199You’re groggy as you stumble out of bed, off to the shower with hopes the spray will jolt you awake. Still tired you beeline to the coffee. It’s no straight path – like a marine in basic training you dodge laundry piles, hungry children, scattered Legos, whining bladder full dog that no one thought to take out, and a spouse yelling for clean socks and

where are my car keys?


Is it that hard to be nice?  It makes you feel good and the receiver of your niceness feel even better.  Yeah, I know it’s not so easy first thing in the morning. No matter what you are bombarded with, even if you are tired, feeling cross, and the devil on your shoulder is goading you to be mean:

simpsonDo it! Say what you’re really thinking. C’mon throw the toys out. Yell!

Why should your day start like this? Tell everyone they’re poopy-heads. You’ll feel better, Then storm off and get your coffee. Why be nice? Who’s being nice to you?

Stop. Think. Nice. Don’t listen to the lies. If you react to the chaos around you, you become the chaos.  You won’t feel better, you will feel defeated, regret, and now you are the horrid one.  Just because someone else is having a bad day doesn’t mean you have to.

Whatever your situation or whoever is in your face daring you to not be nice, rise above it and start with these four simple yet powerful steps to niceness.

  • Watch your body language. Don’t roll your eyes, or cross your arms.  You want your body to show you are calm and willing to help. Take a breath, or two. and then…
  • Answer gently. Resist the urge to lecture. Don’t talk back. Don’t mock. Count to ten before you reply. See the other person and realize he has pain inside, he needs understanding, grace, tenderness. Wise words: A gentle answer turns away wrath.
  • Help.  Ask what you can do for the person who is having a hard time. Open doors, buy someone a coffee, carry a bag, save a seat, leave a tip. Use your manners.
  • Smile (Kindle single/TED).  A lot. Peace begins with a smile – Mother Teresa

And when you get in your car and start your drive to work or to an appointment, don’t let the road creeps ruin your day.  So that guy didn’t use his blinker, or pulled out in front of you and forgot how to use the gas pedal to get up to speed.

Someone is bound to get mad at you for nothing. Forget about it. Keep consideration close.

Your niceness could change someone’s life. You may never know how your kindness affects another person.  No matter if you are a rock star, CEO, parent, child, author, barista, babysitter…go out of your way to be nice.

Project 86 with my son Benny. Rock stars who love their fans!

We all can be good at being nice. Just start doing it, and it will become habit.  And like a virus, it will spread to those around you.

What are your thoughts? Share them with me.