3 Tips to Help You Through a Colonoscopy


My friendly neighborhood gastroenterologist just informed me it’s National Colon Cancer awareness month.  I’m not the poster girl for colon cancer screening since I haven’t had one, but my husband has, and Dave Barry has, and I’m good friends with them both so that should count for something.  In case Dave is reading, remember the Rochester Fringe, and where we say soda, you say pop.

Hey, speaking of pop, let’s talk poop.  Here are your tips for an easypeasy colonoscopy:

  • 1. Schedule your scoping for early morning. Get in first and get out quick. Less time you have to wait to eat and drink again.
  • 2. Read and follow your day before prep instructions to the letter.  No cheating.  A clear colon is essential for finding those little polyps that might be trying to evade detection.  Plus, having your GI guy brag to the other docs how sparkling clean your colon looks is sweet.
  • 3. Clean the bathroom.  You will be spending quite a bit of time in there the day before your procedure, so might as well go all out and make it spa like with candles, soft music, and some lovely stemware from which to drink your prep cocktail and water chasers.

luxury bathroom

As far as the colonoscopy goes, nothing to be scared of.  You won’t feel any discomfort, won’t remember the event, and will deny you said what you did while under the influence of the twilight meds.

So if you are 50+ and haven’t gotten your colonoscopy done yet, pick up the phone now and make the appointment.  And don’t forget to write it on your calendar and actually go.  The colonoscopy is the best tool we have to pick up and treat colon cancer early. When it comes to cancer, early detection saves lives.

Dave, this one’s for you…