What Did Ever Happen to Penny Candy?

not penny candy

If you are a baby boomer like me, do you remember walking to the corner store by yourself  and getting a ton of candy for just fifty cents? Bottle-caps, candy buttons, bubble gum cigars, sugar daddy’s, and waxy big lips. Fun.  Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?  I have no idea.



But Uncle Eric (Richard Mayberry) does, and he tells us in his classic book on economics .

Don’t worry about financial babble, the author uses straightforward talk and clear metaphors to explain things like:

  • The origin of money
  • Inflation
  • Recession
  • Depression
  • Wage/price spiral

This is a great, short (159 pages) read for kids, moms, dads, teachers, entrepreneurs, business-minded students, grandma, and grandpa. Yes, this is one of those rare books that both young and old will learn from.

So before you jump into your next lucrative business adventure, read a little of Uncle Eric’s advice first.


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