And What Exactly Is The Meaning Of Life?

It baffles me at how many people zip through life at breakneck speed, starting so many days behind schedule and ending them complaining there is not enough hours to get it all done.

They forget to eat, don’t know how to stay healthy, or don’t recognize when they are sick.

Maybe that’s you. Except for the forget to eat part, it’s me too.

I’ve been asked many times things like,

What is the point?

Why am I so unhappy?

Where did I go wrong?

How can I do this?

What is the reason for it all?

Why am I here?

Where is God?

Sometimes I feel like some wise mystic who waits on a mountain for pilgrims to come and ask,

What is the meaning of life?

The meaning of Life

What’s the meaning? Why are we here? What’s the point? Why bother?

Because there is meaning. You are alive. You are here. You belong. You have a chance to do something.

Take a deep breath and consider this: it all goes by so fast. We live, we die.


Love God.  Love your neighbor.  Do good.  Love what you do.  Bloom where you’re planted.  Give.  Take care of what you have.  Be non-toxic.  Plant hope. Reap joy.  Shine.  Be kind.  Forgive. Don’t look back. Live. 

We rush through our lives so eager to grow up, get a career, make and spend lots of money,  climb to the next rung on the ladder.

We are forever looking back or fantasizing the future that we neglect the present.

The here and now.  This day, this hour, this moment.

I’m not saying don’t ever look at the past – reflection is necessary for growth and learning.  And only a fool wouldn’t make plans for the future.

The point is to find balance, and in the process don’t forget to live.

And that’s the meaning,

that’s exactly the point of life,

to live.

Wherever you are. Whoever you are. Whether things are good, or bad, if you’re rich, or you have nothing.

Life is a gift. Life is life.

Live it.


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I am a Nurse Practitioner from Rochester, NY presently working in both the inpatient and outpatient hospital psychiatric settings.

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