Pain is Inevitable – Misery is Optional


Why is it that some people languish in suffering while others who have similar ailments and tribulations chin up and continue to thrive despite their suffering?

I know folks in both camps. It baffles me how people with things like crippling arthritis, breast cancer, chronic kidney disease,  or victims of traumatic circumstances can adapt and cope despite the pain of their situation. They continue to believe that just to be alive is a grand thing.

Others bemoan about a hangnail and see the little aggravating and inevitable inconveniences as monumental disturbances – they make sure you know just how miserable they are and don’t you agree the world is a terrible place?

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National NP Week is Not a Box of Chocolates


November 9th-14th is National NP Week.  No this is not supposed to be a Hallmark holiday filled with chocolates, free lunches and thank you cards. That’s for Secretary’s or Bosses Day (which I think is bogus but that’s fodder for another post).

NP week was designed to be an Awareness Campaign to help educate the public about NPs, and to remind lawmakers of the importance of removing outdated barriers. This year is especially momental as it marks the passing of the NYS  Modernization Act: Effective Jan 1, 2015,  this new law removes the requirement of a written practice agreement between an experienced nurse practitioner and a collaborating physician as a condition of practice.

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6 Places I Find Inspiration for Writing


All the top social media blogs I read tell me where to find ideas for hot blogging content.  So off I go browsing Amazon’s top sellers for my niche, check out Drudge, and see what’s trending on twitter.  Next stop: Copyblogger and time suck some more, and then I notice the clock has tick-tocked to dinner hour and I’ve got nothing written.

What is wrong with me? Do I have writer’s block? Am I a procrastinator? Or am I trying too hard and discouraged because I’m such a teensy fish in a multitudinous ocean.

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Do it Anyway: The Paradoxical Commandments


Kent M. Keith wrote The Paradoxical Commandments in the late 1960’s when he was a sophomore at Harvard. You may have seen these commandments on a refrigerator magnet or included in a motivational presentation. Or you may be reading them for the first time.  Kent was wise beyond his nineteen years to come up with this list.  Forty-six years later he still writes, does speaking engagements, and seems like the kind of guy who follows both his own commandments as well as the original “10“.

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Be a Halloween Hero: Give a Top 10 Candy


Halloween has got to be one of the best days ever – Ring a door bell, say the magic words and ding-ding-ding – candy is delivered into your plastic pumpkin bucket.  I love Halloween! The sound of rustling leaves, the chatter of kids and parents, giggles, and an occasional shriek or “boo”.  For us, it’s never been about spooks and ghouls, it’s always been about the candy.  The goal: get out there and get it because it’s the Willy Wonka jackpot of chocolates,  sweet n’ sours, and everything wonderful!

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Doc Medicina’s 10 Tips for a Healthy, Happy Life


Cornelius Celsus (ca 25 BC—ca 50), Roman author of De Medicina, was considered to be way ahead of his time in regards to his teachings on maintaining good health. Ironic he died so young. His suggestions are common sense and accepted practices. I will overlook his blood-letting instructions and vomit obsessions and bring you his top ten tips for a healthy, happy life:

  1. Live in a house full of light that enjoys the summer’s breeze and winter’s fun.
  2. Exercise by playing ball, gymnastics, and take long, brisk walks.
  3. Do not overeat. (George Burns followed this rule: he attributed his longevity to his practice of eating only half of whatever was on his plate).
  4. Start your meals with greens. Eat apples, dates, or other such fruits for dessert.
  5. Drink wine in moderation.
  6. Massages and baths are great for tired, achy bodies.
  7. Get plenty of fresh air.
  8. If you have gas, avoid legumes, fat, and sweets. 
  9. If you are fatigued, move about and change your job or scenery.
  10. People who are depressed should exercise, be surrounded by loved ones, and take a vacation.

If you want to know what Celsus had to say about such things as treating gangrenous mouth lesions, agglutinating wounds, or helping women who collapse speechless, consult his expansive De Medicina.

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The Happiest People Do These 4 Things Every Day


No one sets out to have a bad day. Can you imagine rubbing the sleep out of your eyes, stretching your stiff muscles while thinking,

Sure, you may not be in your best mood when you first get up, but you do want your day to go well, and be happy, yes? So how is it that you start out in a pretty good mood and poof: one text, one attitude, or an unexpected disruption steals your mojo and 180’s your disposition?

It happens to me all the time.

  I don’t like the tone of that email. Did she just raise her bushy eyebrows at me? What did he mean by we’ll see? She didn’t answer my text, she’s mad at me!  Why do I always have to clean the microwave? OMG – he didn’t say good morning back – what a jerk.

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Mama says Ben Franklin, Foosball, and Technology is the Devil


Bobby BoucherMama, when did Ben Franklin invent electricity?
Mama Boucher: That’s nonsense, I invented electricity. Ben Franklin is the Devil!

After watching the Waterboy, I learned lots of things were the devil. Foosball, girls, electricity. If Bobby Boucher brought home a dazzling new iPhone 6 you can be sure Mama would stomp that thing to death as she exploded,

No son of mine is gonna play any eyesphone, eyesphone is the devil!

Does Mama, even with her overdramatized, overprotective, and outrageous behavior, have some wisdom for us? Is technology wicked, cruel, punishing? Does it rob us of love, relationships, and at times feel like it could take our soul?

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To be interesting, be interested.